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Make your backup digital camera work harder to your with our prolonged feature reverse cameras. With CAM-MV6 you gain and extended 180° view, allowing you to see round objects, additionally multiple viewing angles simplify totally different driving conditions resembling backing right into a trailer. Our camera that includes dynamic parking lines delivers a extra accurate view of the trajectory of your vehicle.

It't arduous wired from the camera to the display, however I have fed the wire down the right facet off the caravan in the awning rail, below the A frame which then give me plenty of cable to hook up to the display within the again of the automotive. The screen sits ahead of the gear select within the Cubby gap, so in idea legal. A. I dindn't hyperlink it to the reverse mild, as I want to view behind me. Its great. , must vary colour and contrast to swimsuit the sunlight or night time. Would not be without it now.

As soon as down, you'll have access to the headliner from the entrance of the automotive to the rear. Feed the video cable and the ability harness up the a pillar BEHIND the curtain airbag, along the headliner and into the trunk. Failure to avoid the airbag might cause the airbag to not deploy correctly.

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